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Reference: 0313-0994


Off-Road Tire Dunlop Geomax MX34

Carcass material improves damping and absorption which allows the MX34 to maintain its performance up to 30% longer. PCBT (Progressive Cornering Block Technology) improves grip while cornering and enhances feel and absorption. Features advanced mud evacuation technology that keeps you in control even in the muddiest of conditions. A new rubber compound...

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Reference: 0312-0380


Off-Road Tire Dunlop Geomax MX53

Dunlop Performance Off-Road Tire for Talaria Sting, Sur-Ron LB-X and Segway X260. 90/100-16 is for 16'' Aftermarket Rim and weighs 4.40 kg / 9.70 lbs 70/100/17 is for 17'' Aftermarket Rim and weighs 2.60 kg / 5.73 lbs 100/100-18 is for 18'' Aftermarket Rim and weighs 5.15 kg / 11.35 lbs 70/100-19 is for 19'' Original Rim (OEM) and weighs 2.75 kg / 6.06...

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