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Reference: 950.830.038


Polini Hi-Speed Device for E-Bike

Polini Hi-Speed is an electronic device studied for E-bike motors with the aim to increase the pedal assist mode exploiting at all the performance that the motor can offer. Further to already famous Polini Hi-Speed for Polini, Bosch, Brose, Shimano and Yamaha motors, Polini Hi-Speed enriches its range for the new Bosch My20, Olied, Mahle mod. Creo for...

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Available by 2-3 weeks

Reference: MR-003

Milk Racing

Seat Lift Milk Racing CNC Black Sur-Ron LB-X / Segway X260

Seat lift rises your seat up to the level that changes SurRon's geometry. Highly recommended for 175cm+/5,7feet+ tall riders. Provides better handling and more comfortable riding position. Additionally, it gives more space under the seat so tire doesn't rub underseat on the lowest position.

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Reference: 32-08500


Elite Stand Matrix M64

A new milestone in motorcycle stand technology and styling. The M64's revolutionary design delivers the most durable and lightweight motorcycle stand on the market today. The plastic stand is made from a composite blend that is exclusive to Matrix Concepts. The stand is available in seven colorways. The M64 is the ultimate stand that is used, tested, and...

Price USD $74.99
Product available with different options

Reference: 32-08590


Lift Stand Matrix LS1

This is the stand for everyone from mini rider to the everyday rider to the professional racer. Easy to transport and store. Easy to use. The easy access 2 point "POWER PEDAL" makes it easy to operate.

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Reference: 31350-YQ2A-0000


Shock Protector Sur-Ron LB-X / Segway X260

Sur-Ron OEM shock protector for the LB-X and the Segway X260. The sand and mud from back wheel can damage the rear suspension with time and this is the perfect part to protect it.

Price USD $19.99
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Reference: SR-004/BK


Electric Dirt Bike Sur-Ron S 48V Black (June 2021 Delivery)

Sur-Ron 2021 Pre-Order Program. Book your Sur-Ron X now and save big! We expect to receive our shipment for April / May 2021. You are allowed to cancel your order anytime and get a full refund.

Price USD $2,699.99
Pre-Order - Shipping Start June 2021

Reference: KA-001


Pedal System Kaniwaba V2 with Propulsion & Crank for Sur-Ron LB-X / Segway X260

This heavy duty pedal system is perfect for the guys wanting to use pedals. A pedal kit that lets your rear suspension WORK. The original pedal kit is located directly on the rear swingarm, therefore it does not spring your weight... you will feel the difference immediately going over obstacles, plus the turning is greatly improved. This pedal kit WILL...

Price USD $259.99
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Reference: 0350-0659


Tire Tube STI TR-6 TECH 2 HD 70/100-19

STI Motorcycle Tubes are strong, stronger, strongest. At 2mm thick, the “Heavy Duty” model is 50 percent thicker than most standard tubes on the market today.

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Reference: 0312-0423


Off-Road Tire Bridgestone Battlecross X20 70/100-19

Developed on the race track with professional riders, the Bridgestone Battlecross X20 features Castle Block technology and a pattern layout proven to dramatically increase traction, cornering grip and the tire's working range. The redesigned block pattern with increased stiffness and edge component delivers stronger cornering grip and traction on muddy...

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