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Reference: 32010-56000-000


Front Fender Black Talaria / Sur-ron / Segway

Front fender for Talaria Sting, Sur-Ron Light Bee and Segway X260. Direct fit with DNM / KKE / Fastace fork. Note! This fender is a direct fit for the DNM volcano, KKE, Fastace & Talaria MX fork only! Doesn't work with RST. Custom fender, precision-drilled, includes stainless steel mounting hardware.

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Reference: GS-020


Rear Long Fender with Shroud Gritshift Black Sur-Ron LB-X / Segway X260

Many Sur Ron and Segway riders are looking for a longer rear fender to prevent mud, dirt, and sand form being caked on their back when riding offroad. The first model of fender brought to market was great for this, but thats about it, over time it would begin to sag and not fit the body lines as well. The GritShift V2 fender has solved this issue, By...

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Reference: 31350-YQ2A-0000


Shock Protector Sur-Ron LB-X / Segway X260

Sur-Ron OEM shock protector for the LB-X and the Segway X260. The sand and mud from back wheel can damage the rear suspension with time and this is the perfect part to protect it.

Price USD $19.99
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