Talaria Sting R MX4 Sting Fenders


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Reference: 32010-56000-000


Front Fender Black Talaria / Sur-ron / Segway

Front fender for Talaria Sting, Sur-Ron Light Bee and Segway X260. Direct fit with DNM / KKE / Fastace fork. Note! This fender is a direct fit for the DNM volcano, KKE, Fastace & Talaria MX fork only! Doesn't work with RST. Custom fender, precision-drilled, includes stainless steel mounting hardware.

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Reference: TL-F001

DB Industries

Rear Long Fender Black Talaria Sting MX3 / MX4

DirtyBike Industries original rear fender design for Talaria Sting! DirtyBike's new Talaria Sting rear fender mounts onto the seat just like the stock fender. Twice as long as the stock fender and extends 7.5" from the back of the seat. No modifications needed for mounting. A necessary upgrade for off-road or on road riding, especially in wet or muddy...

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Reference: GS-006


Front Number Plate Gritshift Black Talaria / Sur-Ron / Segway

This E-Bike number plate by GritShift enables you to finally put numbers on your Surron, Segway or Talaria. The stock plate just isn't big enough, and we get that. That's why this will certainly be a welcome upgrade to your e-bike. Large enough to cover the mess of wires on the front of any bike, this race plate is durable and resilient, but also very...

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