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Chain / Sprocket / Belt

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Rear Sprocket 58T Sur-Ron LB-X / Segway X260

This sprocket is perfect for rider looking to increase torque of the Sur-Ron. You will loose about 20% speed but increase the torque of similar ratio. We recommend to use this sprocket with 112 links chain.

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Reference: 24-01015


Chain KMC 420 Heavy Duty 136 link

For off-road application, chain should be promoted with upgraded steel alloy for all parts, subject to going through exclusive heat-treating process as well, to remarkably reinforce its toughness against rugged terrain riding. KMC employs chromized pin and solid bushing into this chain to boost up its wear endurance and shock absorption to a great extent....

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Reference: 24-02011

Tag Metals

Chain Tag 420 Works Series Gold 134 Link

The Tag Metals Works Series Race chain is premium quality, highly durable chain specifically designed for Motocross, Supercross and/or off-road racing. The X 520 race chain is a premium quality, high performance X Ring Chain designed for off road specify racing in wetter and mud- dier conditions.

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Reference: 24-07012


Chain Sunstar 420 Works Gold 126 Link

Works 420 & 428 Motocross / off road racingchain • Deep gold side plates & gold inner plates. Super strong & lightweight design for high performance / racing mini off road & motocross machines. Utilizes TST (TripleStar Treated) ultra hard pins & 100% heat treated components for high strength & durability.

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