Sur-Ron X Green Pre-Order (Late September 2021 Delivery)


Sur-Ron 2021 Pre-Order Program. You are allowed to cancel your order anytime and get a full refund.

USD $4,199.99
Pre-Order - Shipping Start Late September 2021


Bike is delivered with Electronic Throttle and Pedal system installed. 48T Sprocket with Chain and Pegs are also included. This is the latest LB-X version including the X Controller. Suspension will be DNM or RST depending of the availability.


Excellent performance combined with exciting appearance. The light bee combined the both high torque from dirt bike and lightweight and agility from downhill bicycle.Under the dynamic appearance , it hides a wild and enthusiastic heart. After thousands of times on cross-country tracks and urban road tests, we have created an amazing multi-link rear suspension system for the light bee. The appearance is integrated with the overall vehicle structure, and the shock absorption performance is also adjusted according to the usage characteristics of electric bikes, so that the tires can maintain the best grip continuously. In the sports mode, the strong power output up to 5KW and the instantaneous erupted on-wheel torque with 250N.m, makes you easy to handle skills like jumping and wheelie etc.. Additionally, the 19-inch professional off-road wheel set is excellent in the abilities of passage and never gets stuck. All of these contribute to the better sport performance. The EIC system is self-developed by SURRON. After five test riding trips in Sichuan and Tibet Province, as well as the continuous feedback from the top riders all around the world, the EIC system is set to adapt more challenging and harsh riding scenarios. Whether in the mountain trails, the snowy forest, the professional competition ground or the street alleys, the Light bee can adapt to all road conditions and also show its unique attitude and the characteristic of charging at anytime and anywhere. Whether in the mountain trails, the snowy forest, the professional competition ground or the street alleys, you can ride your Light bee anywhere, anytime. Wheelie, drifting, tyre burn-out and jumping, all these skills can be easy to handle after riding on the Light Bee. It can be used for the first learning by newcomers, competition among friends, parent-child interaction and professional training. Everyone can enjoy the fun of riding Light Bee.

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